Monday, November 21, 2011

Check, Check....and Check!

So my Halloween decorations are still up and collecting dust. Guess I will skip Thanksgiving decor and move straight on to Christmas. I was in a funk last week but am back in the spirit of the season. On this week's list: Order gifts from Amazon, take Christmas card pictures, decorate cookies, play dates with friends. Oh yeah: STUFF MY FACE WITH THANKSGIVING MORSELS. YUM.

On hubby's list: Hang Christmas Lights!!!!

One More Thing: SHOP MIDNIGHT SALES FRIDAY MORNING! :) Who's with me??? Thinking I can get a group of triplet mom's to go with me???? I posted tons of Black Friday deals last year. I am still on the hunt for codes, coupons and sales, but won't be posting much on here. If you have a sure fire site that you trust to score big this week, please share!

I bought Elf on the Shelf this morning. Can't wait for it to arrive! Gotta LOVE
What name did you come up with for your little elf? I am excited to start this fun tradition with the kids! I am sure more posts will be coming soon about this guy.

Have a great week and Happy EATING!!!!!!


Marci said...

I have always wanted to try to go black Friday shopping, but I have never had anyone to go with. My family are part-poopers I guess. Did you find some awesome deals?

I bought elf on the shelf last year, and Kenzi LOVED it, she named him DAVE. I am excited to bring him out again this year. What a fun tradition.