Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Temple Square Lights!

What a busy weekend! I have been having the time of my life! My husband and I took the kids to downtown Salt Lake on Friday night so they could experience Temple Square's Christmas lights. It was MUCH warmer than the previous week so we decided to brave the crowds.

Steve's sister Alee and her husband Aaron came with us. The lights were incredible. I really enjoyed all the Nativity Scenes and watching all the families there. ( I'm a total people watcher!)

After about 20 minutes the kids started whining and wanted to get out and walk. We went inside to see the Cristus statue and let Lucas meander around. He walked up to the statue and pointed and said, "Jesus!" And then he quickly saw the wall painted with stars and planets and said, "MOON!"

We stayed for about an hour. I think the kids loved it. Avery and Reese ended up holding hands most of the night while riding in the stroller.

 It was worth the hassle of mittens, coats boots and blankets. We were even able to fit all 7 of us in our minivan! LOL That plus, two strollers. That;s how we roll.


Joe and Victoria said...

how cute of Reese and Avery to hold hands! Sweetest thing ever :) Glad you had a good time!