Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Festival Of Trees

Saturday night was spent at The South Towne Expo Center. In December, I dream in green. I think the Christmas tree may be one of the greatest Christmas symbols. To me it signifies home and family. I love decorating it and then enjoy looking a the twinkling lights each night.

So of course I can't miss the annual Festival of Trees event! Thousands of trees, wreaths, gingerbread houses and table center pieces on display! They even had quilts this year. And all of the money spent on ticket purchases, trees, and concessions go to Primary Children's Medical Center... Nothing gets you more in the spirit of the season.

The trees were so gorgeous! Each one had a different theme and most of them were dedicated to a deceased friend or relative.

Each year it gets more and more crowded. We only stayed a good hour since we had the kids with us. They didn't want to sit in the wagon. We let them walk for a bit but it was so busy with people that we forced them back into their seats. Luckily Alee and Aaron came too. They were a HUGE help with the kids! Thanks you guys!

Maybe in a few more years, the kids will come to appreciate it and enjoy one of our many family traditions!

(Reese and Mommy)