Monday, December 13, 2010

Annual Family Christmas Party

 Last Saturday night was our annual family Christmas Party on my husband's side.
(My family is way too small for a party.)
I look forward to it every year! Since Steve's Grandma has passed away, we haven't had one for a few years.
My In-laws to the rescue! They picked up where Wannie left off.
 It was great to see all the cousins. I hadn't spoken to Steve's cousin Lisa in a few years I believe. We had a yummy family dinner and my kids were SO big this year and sat on big chairs and ate with adult utensils too! I was impressed!
 Me with 2 of my munchkins...

It was quite the mess to clean up since my kiddos still have the awful habit of throwing food on the floor! (UGH! Time to lay the smack down!) But nothing I wasn't used to doing on a daily basis. By the time I got around to feeding myself, there was pretty much no food left. I can totally relate to that mother on "A Christmas Story" who apparently hadn't had a hot meal in years. LOL
 After mingling, Santa bounded into the clubhouse with a sack full of toys for a the kids!!! Whoot Whoot! Go Santa! He was THEE best Santa I've ever seen! He sang a few Christmas carols with everyone before proceeding to hand out gifts.
 One of the greatest things about this Santa was not only did he LOOK like the real deal, he laughed "HO HO HO" between each sentence.
 Reese ADORED Santa. She listened to every word he said and loved her gift. Way to go Pieces!
 Avery... not so much. She had a panic attack!!!! HAHA I thought it was hilarious!
Last but not least, Lucas!
He was practically nose diving to get a way from ol' St. Nick! Poor kids' face was so purple, it looked like a sugar plum!

Good goin' Santa!
The party was a huge success!