Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cat's Outta The Bag!

OK! I give! I've had this BRILLIANT neighborhood gift idea hiding up my sleeve for a few years now and STILL have yet to use it! So I guess it's time to spill the beans..... drum roll please.

Ever heard of them or seen what they can do? I'm a kid at heart so these were so awesome! They are like 3D glasses but when you put them on and look at any light it creates a kaleidoscope of festive images!!! Here's a picture that I took  last year. I held the camera lens up to the glasses!

A SNOWFLAKE IN EVERY LIGHT ON THE  CHRISTMAS TREE! *The snowflake specs are my favorite!*

These are so darn fun. Kids love them, adults love them. You can't go wrong! We keep ours in our Christmas tote downstairs and pull them out every year. Big hit at our Christmas Party!!!

I was planning on delivering a handful of them to each house on my street with the saying, " Wishing you an "EYES ALL AGLOW" Christmas!"

You have to order them in bulk on the holiday specs website but if you only need a few, you can order them on Amazon!

Check it out:   AMAZON SPECS

There's no better feeling that seeing Christmas through a child's eyes!
*** side note to my neighborhood... don't be surprised if I still use this idea!***