Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Calendar

I made a Christmas Countdown Calendar with my sister-in-laws on Saturday. It's really easy and it was a lot of fun!!! All you need is a mini-muffin tin (which cost me $7 at Hobby Lobby w/their 40% off coupon). You stick treats, trinkets, or quotes behind it and your little ones can count down to Christmas!!!

Click here for directions:

Here is another link to an example:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cents of Style

How can you go wrong with shoes, hats, scarves and jewelry ALL around $20 and under?!!!! Cents of Style is also giving you a holiday discount until Nov.30th! Check out their website and if you're local you can always go to a neighborhood party!

Use the code: STUDIO5 when placing your order and receive 20% off their already amazing deals!

Baby Jesus

"A friend of mine just told me one of their Christmas traditions that I would like to share with you.

She puts out her nativity scene the day after Thanksgiving; however, she does not put baby Jesus in the manger until Christmas morning. (She said she hides him in her sock drawer).

I thought that was really a neat thing to do and a way to share the Christmas story again with your children on Christmas morning once they see that baby Jesus is in the manger."

Traditions: Reindeer Bait

"On Christmas Eve my boys and I have always put out 'Reindeer Bait' which is basically dry oatmeal mixed with glitter. They leave a trail from the road to our doorstep. The reindeer see the sparkles from the sky and eat up all the oats until they are at our doorstep. It's fun when they go outside to make sure its all gone."

Traditions from Friends: Ornaments

"For all the moms with daughters out there, my mom used to give me a special ornament every year. Usually based on my interests and alot of them are just beautiful. She kept the ornaments in a box though and never opened them. When I moved away from home she gave me the box on our first Christmas so i would have at least 18 ornaments on my tree. I thought this was really neat because it wasn't just store bought ornaments I threw on there. To this day she still gives me ornaments every year. Last year it was a special ornament of my grandpa and me when I was little. He has been gone for 16 years but I will cherish that ornament so much. I do personalized ornaments for our family every year. At first it was us and our dogs and now it is us, Alex and the dogs. Each year I find unique ones and it is fun to go back 8-10 years and see our 1st ornament of just my husband, me and our now 9 year old german shephard."


What sets this coupon-code and discount site apart from a zillion similar destinations? It's breadth (it claims over 150,00 codes, for everything from airline tickets to baby shoes) and its success rate(it does a much better job of logging which codes still work and which don't).

20% Off all Holiday Orders!!!

My friend Randi is now offering all Wishing Well readers 20% off any order you place between now and Christmas! She makes the cutest bows and flowers for little girls. She also has hats etc. You just have to make sure you mention this blog when ordering. Check it out!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Okay... I'm not really a white chocolate fan but I ADORE peppermint bark. Maybe its the candy canes...I don't know.

I found an easy and delicious recipe:
My mouth is watering!

Santa's Cookies...

What's your tradition for Santa's cookies? Do you make cookies the night before? Do you decorate sugar cookies? Leave a list? Milk too? I heard a cute tradition the other day.... someone leaves carrots for the reindeer. Another one I heard was mommy and daddy leave chocolatey finger prints on the letter after they drink the milk.......

Please share!

Toys R Us Electronic Toy Coupon and Sale

In store sale only....use coupon on Thursday Nov. 19th.

Save up to 45% off when you use this coupon on v-tech, v motion, v smiley and bugsby toys.

Discount can be used on regular and sale priced items.


Okay so change of promo code for the FREE 50 Christmas photo cards on! This promotion expires on 11/21/09 so ACT FAST!!!!! Use the code: newbaby when checking out. This code is good for the 5X7 cards. Happy creating!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday Meals

A few holiday morsels from my friend Angie's Recipe blog!

Check it out!

The breakfast casserole is my mother in law's recipe and a family favorite.... I guess you could say it's a tradition. We eat it every Christmas morning! :)

50 Holiday Photo Cards for FREE!

Fuji Film's new website, is offering 50 FREE 5X7 holiday photo cards to try their service. All the cards come with envelopes and free shipping!!! How can you go wrong?! I am ordering mine this week sometime.

Here's the link:

You have to use the code when checking out.... freebies4mom-1109

This is a $39.00 value. The deal expires 11/30/09 so act fast. They might cut the deal short at anytime.

Holiday Deals!

Up to $75 in downloadable coupons for Playskool~

Also found an awesome daily deal website.... I got the babies high chairs for $10 each!!!! Can't go wrong!

Please feel free to post any sales or holiday deals! We all need to save $$$ this season!

Old and New

For years, I always dreamed of the new tradtions I would start with my own children. Now that they are finally here I have a few fun ideas up my sleeve. Some are ones that I grew up with and others I am excited to introduce to our little family.

12 Books of Christmas~

I can't take credit for this one. Heard it from a neighbor. I have been collecting Child Christmas books since we began trying to conceive. We have about 14 or so. I am planning on wrapping 12 of them each year and putting them under the tree. For 12 nights before Christmas, my kids will take turns choosing a "gift", unwrapping it and that will be the book we read together as a family that night. I usually buy at least one (sometimes 2) new Christmas books after the holidays when they are at least 50% off or more. A great way to stock up. ;)

My family has always had the children open up their Christmas jammies on Christmas eve and Steve and I exchange ornaments with each other as well as give the kids an ornament.

OOHHH! This should be so fun! I love traditions.... PLEASE SHARE!